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Single quotes not working

Dave PendletonDave Pendleton Posts: 104 Bronze 3
edited October 30, 2018 6:55PM in SQL Prompt
When I type the following SQL, everything works fine until the last single quote, consider this:
SELECT * FROM [sys].[dm_xe_objects] AS [DXO] WHERE [DXO].[object_type] = N''
As I'm typing, the single quote is automatically closed and the cursor is sitting between the single quotes after the "N". If I type another single quote to advance the cursor, I get this:
SELECT * FROM [sys].[dm_xe_objects] AS [DXO] WHERE [DXO].[object_type] = N'event'';
Where the cursor is left sitting between the last two single quotes after the word, "event."

SQL Prompt Version is



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    I seem can't reproduce it with the same version of Prompt. If I type another single quote to advance the cursor, the cursor just jumps out of the single quote and doesn't do anything else. If I then type another single quote, Prompt continues to work as expected.

    Can you restore the default options and try again?(SQL Prompt->Options->Restore all defaults. If you have customized options you'd like to keep, please Export it and save the file somewhere for importing when needed).

    If it doesn't help, what's your SSMS version and can you make sure the native intellisense is turned off? 

    Kind regards

    Tianjiao Li | Redgate Software
    Have you visited our Help Center?
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    Intellisense is turned off, but this behavior just comes and goes.
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