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Can I Restore a Data Masking Set from Previously Masked Database

To cut a long story short, I have lost my data masking sets!! I can see in previously masked databases some tables named DMSSTAT***  - Is it possible to generate the masking set from the information in these tables to save recreating the whole thing again??


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    Hi @Ange thank you for your post!
    When you say you have lost your masking sets, do you mean they have been accidentally deleted, or you can't remember where they are saved?
    It might be possible if they still exist and you cannot find them, to locate them either by checking a Data Masker log file / report (stored on the machine where the tool is installed typically) which might identify where they were stored, or alternatively checking any windows scheduler jobs where the tool has been scheduled to run via the command line previously.
    The Masking Set file is ultimately just an XML file, so it may be recoverable if it has been deleted (and these can be source controlled if you need to do so in future).
    Unfortunately, there's no way to regenerate the sets from the masking statistics tables as these only store information about the types of rules that were running and how performant / how many rows & columns were masked etc.
    Apologies if this isn't the most useful answer - but happy to help out however I can!
    Thank you very much.

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