Redgate will no longer monitor this forum

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edited October 31, 2018 12:59PM in SQL Code Guard

SQL Code Guard is not supported by Redgate. It will remain free for non-commercial use, personal use, and for those in the charity and education sectors.


Where will I be able get SQL Code Guard

While official support is not available, the current version of SQL Code Guard is available to download from Redgate here.


What do I do if something doesn't work

While official support is not available, we will leave this forum open to allow users to provide assistance to each other.

Documentation for SQL Code Guard will also remain available and can be found here.


Where can I get code analysis with support or usable outside of SSMS 2016

SQL Prompt incorporates code analysis, building upon and improving the experience provided by SQL Code Guard.

To find more information including a free trial of SQL Prompt click here.

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