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Use SSN dataset on numeric column


I want to use the SSN dataset on a column defined as number(19,0) but I can't select the SSN dataset.
When the column is defined as a nvarchar, I can select the SSN dataset.
Creating my own dataset did not solve the problem/

Is there any way out if this, except for changing the type of my column?


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    PlantBasedSQLPlantBasedSQL Posts: 187 Gold 4
    Hi @kees thank you for your post.

    There may be an easier way of achieving this using a Row-Internal Sync rule rather than using a substitution rule, given that we can build some SQL directly into this particular type of rule.
    What you will need to do here is target the column you're trying to mask (I guess the SSN column) and then select the SSN DataSet as a parameter. Then we just have to cast it to a numeric value like in the attached picture.

    Let me know if this helps - thank you very much!


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