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TFS Redgate Build with Temporary Server Type sometimes leaves DLM Database

Hi All,

Our team has recently started using SQL Change Automation to automate our Build Release pipeline for our SQL installations via TFS. We have cross database dependencies so we use our dev server as a Temporary Server to build our databases.

This works well, but I noticed recently we've got some stale dlmautomation_(guid) databases building up on the dev server. I assumed there's some condition where they are not being deleted, so I tried queuing a build and then cancelled it in TFS and noticed the dlm database was not removed from the dev server. 

Whats the best way to keep from having to pick up after these stale databases?

Thanks in advance!

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    Pete_RuizPete_Ruiz Posts: 123 Silver 4

    Hello Michael,

    This can happen if/when the build process is interrupted. You would need to drop them manually in these cases. Alternatively you can use the Temporary Database setting which will always use the same database. You will need to pre-create this beforehand.

    Kind regards,

    Pete Ruiz


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