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Build error when using valid SQL 2017 syntax

Hello, I'm using ReadyRoll to deploy to a SQL 2017 database. I am using the OPENJSON in some of my scripts and have confirmed that everything works correctly on the development database. However, whenever I go to generate the ReadyRoll script, I am getting a build error related to the OPENJSON function and passing in a variable for the path option. I am targeting SQL Server 2017 and both the dev and shadow databases are set to compatibility level 140. Here is an example of some valid SQL 2017 syntax that does not build:

DECLARE @json NVARCHAR(4000) = N'{ "path": { "to":{ "sub-object":["en-GB", "en-UK","de-AT","es-AR","sr-Cyrl"] } } }';
DECLARE @path NVARCHAR(50) = '$.path.to."sub-object"'
SELECT [key], value FROM OPENJSON(@json,@path)

The error says "Incorrect syntax near @path". I have tried other functions that were introduced with SQL 2017 (such as STRING_AGG) and they build with no issues. According to the MS documentation for OPENJSON, you can provide a variable for the path option starting with SQL 2017:

Is this a bug with ReadyRoll?



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