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Does removing and re-adding a Cluster server Lose the history

tomdpetomdpe Posts: 10 Bronze 1
edited October 17, 2018 6:32PM in SQL Monitor
I recently moved a SQL Fci to our production cluster.  To do this I had setup a new FCI instance on our production cluster with a different name, move all of the databases sync everything up.  Rename the old instance and then rename the new instance to the original name.  This worked fine, except now that particular FCI is still showing up in SQL Monitor as being part of the original cluster, the name of the instance initially used on the Prod server, prior to the rename is now unavailable and I had to suspend monitoring on it.  So.  Looking at the documentation the only way I see to correct this is by removing the windows servers and reading them.  The problem is that there are a number of SQL instances running on our prod environment and the other that I do not want to lose the history for.  

So will the history be retained if I remove and readd the servers or will it be lost or unlinked.  I need that history and need to monitor that instance.


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