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SQL Clone 3.0

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SQL Clone 3 introduces a new dashboard and activity view to the web UI, to help you better manage your images and clones.


  • View your images grouped by file system location and your clones by SQL Server instance, as well as the seeing clones of each image.
  • Search for images and clones by name, size, number of clones, and date.
  • Order your search results by name, date, or size to find the largest or oldest images and clones.
  • Reset clones back to their original state to aid testing scripts and experimentation.
  • See history of image and clone creation, deletion, and reset, including the user responsible and success or failure.
  • Download logs to help investigate errors and check Data Masker and SQL script output.

Important notes

  • You will need to re-enter your SQL Clone serial number after upgrading. Provided you have a valid subscription (or support contract for legacy versions), your existing serial number from v1/v2 will work.
  • SQL Clone Agent now requires .NET Framework 4.7.2 (was previously 4.6.1). On agent machines with an internet connection, this will be downloaded and installed automatically after upgrading, without requiring user intervention. On machines without an internet connection, you will need to manually install .NET Framework 4.7.2.
  • You will also need to manually upgrade the PowerShell cmdlets on any machines on which you are using them after upgrading.
  • The obsolete Get-SqlCloneBackupLocation cmdlet was removed (use -SqlServer and -BackupFileName parameters to New-SqlCloneImage instead).
  • The obsolete -SqlScript parameter to New-SqlCloneImage was removed (use -Modifications parameter instead).
  • You will no longer see images and clones which failed to create on the dashboard. Error information and logs can be found on the Activity page in the UI. If you have PowerShell scripts which performed cleanup after failure, they may need to be updated, as cleanup is no longer required.
  • SQL Clone Agent now enforces membership of the sysadmin fixed role on instances on which it operates to avoid operations failing part way through due to insufficient SQL Server permissions.
  • SQL Clone Agent installer download is now at /download/agentinstaller instead of /api/installer.
  • SQL Clone PowerShell cmdlets installer download is now at /download/powershellclient instead of /api/powershellclient.
Download SQL Clone 3

See full release notes

If you have any suggestions for improvements, please contact the team at [email protected]
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