Columns excluded for compare are not included as part of the deployment script

Hi Redgate,

I'm running SQL Data Compare 13.x.

I have a database from two different deploy versions of our software (13 and 14) and I want to create a deploy script allowing me to run it on the older version to upgrade it to the current version.

The tables have 4 audit fields, so I have excluded these from the comparison so I can get a truer picture of the data that has changed.

When I run the comparison I can clearly see what has changed, so far so good. Next I hit the "Deploy" button and create a deployment script.

This is where the problem starts, on inspecting the script I can see that the inserts are excluding the columns that have been excluded from the comparison. But this is not what I want, there has been an assumption somewhere that just because I don't want to compare the columns that I don't want to script them, but this isn't the case.

I have looked in the options and don't see a way to change this behavior.

Can you help please ?



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