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SQL Compare not ignoring trailing comment differences.

I asked about this about 6 months ago and a developer looked into it. He wasn't able to do anything about it at the time but it's still a pretty significant issue for us, so I figured I'd ask about it again in hopes that it might get fixed.

We have a lot of problems with certain comments embedded in SQL code not being ignored during a comparison. It renders SQL Compare diffs for the affected stored procedures pretty much useless.

These issue looks something like this....

Left side:

USE [WorkorderDatabase]

Right side:

USE [WorkorderDatabase] --Changennnnnn
GO  --Changennnnnn

The  "--Changennnnnn" suffixes are branded onto every line in our stored procedures when they're accepted. Unfortunately, if even one line changes, a new --Changennnnnn number is placed out there and that causes SQL Compare to flag all lines in the SP as different.

It would be really really nice if these comment differences were ignored. 

To get around this I've taken to saving the SP from both sources to SQL files and checking them with BeyondCompare, which does ignore the comments. But of course that's a real pain.

For reference, I am running the latest version of SQL Compare, like


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