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When you create a SQL Change Automation Project, and then look at the Project settings (Project-><App> Properties), there are sections repeated, at least that's what it looks like to me, unless they are supposed to be different.

Pasted together below:

I'm assuming this isn't supposed to look like this......It's very confusing to say the least.  It makes me doubt whether what I am selecting is being used with that setting since there are different instances of those settings. 

When I check something, such as "Mark first folder as baseline", it doesn't show the second instance as checked when I have it open, but if I close the properties and go back in, both will be.  So it seems like it is duplicated because of that.

I can reproduce 2 instances easily, they are there on a new project, but above captured it with 4 copies, not sure what I did to make that happen, can't reproduce that.


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  • Which versions of Visual Studio and SSDT are you using? Could you please try to update them?
  • For Visual Studio, I'm using 2017 Professional 15.8.5 which is the latest, and for SSDT, I'm pretty sure that SSDT is not a requirement for RedGate SQL Automation because it's a completely different project type (and it was not installed), but I went ahead and installed Data storage and processing (SSDT is a stand-alone installation, but the recommended integrated installation is Data storage and processing below).  No difference.  Curious if you looked to see if you see > 1 of these groups also.  
  • For what it's worth, if you right mouse click on the DB project in solution explorer, it does NOT do this, but if you use the route Project->DatabaseXYZ Properties it does.

    Seems like it might be a bug? 
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    Failed to follow-up, latest version fixed issue, thanks. 
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