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When I compare, tables inaccessible on production server

When I compare using SQL Data Compare tables on a production server vs tables on a replica database, the respective table being compared (on production server) is inaccessible by the website. Since absolutely nothing is being modified on the production server (I'm comparing and transferring data FROM there to the replica database), is there an option for SQL Data Compare and SQL Compare to not lock up the table during this process?


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    SQL Compare and Data Compare initially query the databases in order to compare them; this should not lock any objects, unless you have a very unusual setup (e.g. a database in single user mode).

    Many deployment scripts use a long transaction to ensure that as much of the script as possible will be rolled back if an error is encountered.  Depending on the operations you are performing, this could lock certain objects for an extended period of time while the script runs.  You can tick the "Don't use transactions" option to avoid this, although this will increase the risk of leaving the database in a partially-deployed state.
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    Thanks, it looks like that did it. If the tables don't change (they're not dynamically updated, I push updates to them periodically), then there's no reason to be concerned about any partially-deployed state as I use the "don't use transactions" option, correct?
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