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I need to profile .net api. The site using angular and .net api. The goal is to find out the method which is taking more time. Angular code is one server and api code is other server. ANTs profiler installed in the server where angular code present.So how can i profile .net api ? can i do it with end point url of service in ant profiler? is it necessary to install ants profiler in the same server where .net api code present. envirnment to profile is staging. Please suggest

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  • Russell DRussell D Posts: 979 Diamond 2
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    The scenario in your first post won't work as you can't profile remotely. To profile the API you would need to install it on the server running the API.

    It also depends as to how you're connecting to the API on whether or not ANTS would be able to hook into the process.
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  • chitchatchitchat Posts: 17 New member
    Also how to do Rest API profiling using ANTS
  • chitchatchitchat Posts: 17 New member
    Thanks for you response. I have installed ANts profiler in the same server where api is running.

    These are .net core web api.
    so if i use the web api link for profiling no progress i cant see in the profiling.
    so i tried with dll and no browser so profiling is started. then i run the api link through soap and swagger. Bot request not making any progress in ants. How can i hook the api(.net core web api)to ants profiling . could you please suggest.....?
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