Access is Denied when backing up or restoring on one server...

I have a server that I have a service account (with permission to log on as a service). Same account has rights to the H Drive used for Backups. That account is used for the Backup Service and the SQL Server Services. 

I have uninstalled and reinstalled multiple times. I have the latest update installed. I have restarted the server multiple times. And each time I try to backup or restore it says that it can't find the file or access is denied. This happens if I do this in the GUI or the SSMS. 

On Backup Up I get Warning 200: Error Creating backup file: FILE NAME then Warning: System error 5 (Access is denied)

It attempts this 10 or 11 times and then I get Warning 605: Error 605: Error creating backup file(s). No files could be created. SQL backup exit code 605.

I think I have the two servers setup the same way and one works and the other doesn't the user is a domain user and both computers are on the same domain.



  • Hi jzelhart,

    I see you had a support ticket with this as well and you resolved your issue. 

    For anyone else seeing permissions errors the first thing to try is running

    EXECUTE master..sqbutility 999, 'RWE', '<network location>'

    If there is a problem, the query will return a value of 0, followed by a message, for example:

    <SQBUTILITYRESULT>:0:Folder does not exist : 
    <network location>

    This will indicate SQL Backup can't see the folder in question. If the return result is 1 then SQL Backup can access the folder in question.
    Kind regards,
    Dan Bainbridge
    Product Support Engineer | Redgate Software
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