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Maybe I'm not using this function correctly, or maybe I'm misunderstanding what it actually does.

The SQLPrompt Intellisense doesn't seem to update when I use the "Refresh Suggestions" option (Ctrl+Shift+D).

For example, I just created a new stored procedure. I clicked "Refresh Suggestions", but the new stored proc is still not yet available in the intellisense suggestions. I'm also using (Ctrl+Shift+R) to refresh SSMS's intellisense.

It's now been about 10 minutes since the proc was deployed and I've Refreshed Suggestions as well as Intellisense Cache probably 10 times at this point. Am I missing something? Is this normal? Is this a known issue? Or is it just me?

I've been having this problem for at least a year and I've just dealt with it as I can quickly get around it. But I'm finally asking, because I'm going to lose it if there's a quick an easy answer.

Additional Info:
The server I'm currently working on has 25 databases.
And I have all of these SQL prompt settings checked:
> Load suggestions for linked servers
> Load suggestions for synonyms
>>> Load referenced databases


  • Ah, it finally showed up. Not sure if it happened on its own and there is a massive delay. Or if I did something. I just spent some time going through all of the SQL Prompt settings and changed a handful of settings.
  • Hi @chadbaldwin,

    Did you also have the "Specify the databases you want to load suggestions for:" set to "Load suggestions for all databases" or one of the other options at the bottom of the "SQL Prompt Options > Suggestions > Connections" section?  If you had it to only load suggestions for a specific database that wasn't that one (or to not load for that database) that could have done it.

    Also, more likely, on the "Options > Suggestions > Behavior" section did you have the "Show code suggestions" and the "Automatically show suggestions after xxx milliseconds" checked?  This controls whether they appear at all (and after how long they automatically appear when you are typing).

    As a side note, there is an option in the "Labs > Experimental features" section to "Refresh the Microsoft IntelliSense cache when refreshing suggestions"

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  • @Alex B

    There is no filter set on which databases to use. And I'm forcing a refresh manually for both SQLPrompt and Intellisense, so the experimental feature I don't think would make a difference, however I do also have that turned on.

    The issue is that it is not refreshing, the results in the suggestions drop down are stale. The new objects do not appear in the suggestions list. This is only an issue for newly deployed objects as well as changes to objects.

    I'm going to update my settings to exclude all of the databases that I never work with to see if that helps speeds things up.
  • Hi @chadbaldwin,

    I'm not sure what the issue could be it's working immediately for me.  I'm using SSMS 17.8.1 against various SQL Server versions and have recently updated to 9.2.9 (though it was refreshing immediately before as well).

    What version are you seeing this on?  If you have not, it couldn't hurt to update to the latest version 9.2.9 (see this post for link to the latest or go via the in application updater).

    Also, please do let me know if any of the settings changes help your situation.

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