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Proxy Authentication Required when trying to execute /activateSerial switch

jmeliesjmelies Posts: 2 New member
I'm having an odd situation trying to silently install SQL Compare.
After extracting the MSI's from the toolbelt.
from a CMD prompt I execute: 
SQL Compare_13.3.5.6244_x86.msi" RG_LICENSE=xxx-xxx-xxxxxx-DEBA
and this installs fine.
I then try to activate the serial number by running the following from a cmd prompt:
SQLCompare.exe /activateSerial:xxx-xxx-xxxxxx-DEBA
and I get an error stating:
SQL Compare Command Line V13.3.5.6244
Copyright c 1999 - 2018 Redgate Software Ltd

SQL Compare: trial, edition standard
Activating license
The request failed with HTTP status 407: Proxy Authentication Required.
Exiting since activation failed

What's odd about this is I can run these same commands using SQL Compare 11.5 as hown here:

SQL Compare 11>SQLCompare.exe /activateSerial:xxx-xxx-xxxxxx-DEBA
Contacting licensing.red-gate.com via the internet to verify serial number "xxx-xxx-xxxxxx-DEBA"...
Activation complete
SQL Compare: activated, edition: professional, serial number: xxx-xxx-xxxxxx-DEBA
Exiting since no other command line options were passed.
Terminating application with exit code 0 to indicate success

What am I missing here?
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