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Requesting Help With Visual Studio Git Integration

I am evaluating SQL Source Control.  We want to use this product in conjunction with Visual Studio Cloud Git to manage about 15 databases.

We want to be able to manage changes to those databases independently (branch each db independently).

I have create a single Git repository in VSCloud called SQLDatabases as a container for all the individual database projects.

What is the best way to manage Git access.  I have linked to my first database and committed the schema, but I can't figure out how to push it to the remote repository.

We have many other application projects in our department cloud not just databases, so I do need to put them in their own Git container to segregate them from the other applications.

If I want to be able to independently branch each database do I need to use Git submodules or subtrees ?

This seems much more complicated than source control under TFS.





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    Alex BAlex B Posts: 1,146 Diamond 4
    Hi @KathyG,

    If you are using TFS or VSTS (which I believe is what you refer to when you say Visual Studio Cloud) you will be able to commit and get latest as normal, but the push and pull support will not work from SQL Source Control - see the note at the top of this page.

    As for branching - this page provides information on working with branches (and this page on merging).  I'm not sure what the best strategy is for managing them within your system however.

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    Git branches apply to the entire repository. If you want to branch and version each database independently, I'd suggest using a separate repository per-database. Git repositories are cheap and easy to create.
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    KathyGKathyG Posts: 24 Bronze 1
    Thanks everyone ... I've received enough feedback to figure out what to do, and I am in the process of creating individual repositories for the standalone DBs, as well as 2 group repositories for the related DBs.  Your responses were v helpful
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