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Change in formatting behavior (Ctrl+K, Ctrl+Y)?

Mikael_HMikael_H Posts: 6 New member
I often use the formatting feature by selecting a piece of code and apply format to that section only. My source window typically contains other sections of unfinished code.
This has been working great up until recently. Now the formatting is applied to the _whole_ windows and fails to format if there is any error in the code. Environment where I have the "old" behavior: SSMS 13.0.16106.4 and SQL Prompt 9.1.8. Environment with "new" behavior: SSMS 14.0.17277.0 and SQL Prompt 9.2.6.
I hope there is an option to change behavior for this.


Best Answer

  • Tianjiao_LiTianjiao_Li Posts: 684 Rose Gold 5
    Hi @Mikael_H

    Thanks for reporting this issue! 

    I've reproduced it and logged as SP-7205 in our internal bug tracking system. I'll keep you posted.

    Our apologies for the inconvenience caused.
    Kind regards

    Tianjiao Li | Redgate Software
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