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Scripting Creation of SDC project

Hi - we are moving from SSIS projects for our ETL to SQL Data compare.  Due to the large number of tables and keys involved, we create our SSIS packages using C# and the Microsoft.SqlServer.Dts objects - we feed it a list of connections, tables, primary keys, and where clauses, and it spits out a dtsx file for us to run. It's just an xml file, right?

We want to do the same thing with SQL Data compare: give it a list of connections, tables, keys,  and where clauses, and have it spit out an SDC file.  Has anyone done that, or heard of that being done?  This is quite important for us!


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    SQL Compare and Data Compare project files are also just XML, so in principle it should be perfectly possible to craft the file you need.  WHERE clauses don't look too complex, although the mappings and object-level selections will be trickier if you need them.
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