File could not be loaded

BobbyBobby Posts: 2 New member
I am trying to generate a pdf doc for our sql and running it via command prompt but when i specify the database i get an error that the file could not be loaded. 

Can anyone suggest me what to do please.


  • LubosMLubosM Posts: 12 Bronze 1
    edited August 22, 2018 2:20PM
    Hi @Bobby,

    Have you generated the documentation using the UI at least once and saving the project file? This is a necessary first step, after which you're able to use the command line to refresh the documentation.

    Cheers, Lubos
  • BobbyBobby Posts: 2 New member
    Hello Lubos,

    Yes,  i have generated a html doc and saved the project.

  • Hello Bobby,

    sorry to hear you keep experiencing the issue.I have not been able to reproduce the issue with /database and /filetype:pdf switches. Would you be able to provide me with a bit more information?
    What is the command that you're using and what is the output you get?

    Thank you,
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