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What are the hardware requirements for SQL Clone

sreeksreek Posts: 2 New member
I found below requirements for SQL Clone but it does not mention anything with regard to hardware. Can someone please help out with recommended hardware requirements for SQL Clone where our source databases that we would clone could be about 5 TB?


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    ChrisHurleyChrisHurley Posts: 54 Silver 2
    The only strict hardware requirement is a 64-bit (x86-64) CPU, as this is required for the Windows Virtual Disk Service.

    We would recommend hosting images on a fileshare on a high-performance, reliable SAN on the same LAN as machines which will have clones. This is because clone data files only store changes made to that clone database, and all unmodified data must be read from the image file. A reliable connection is therefore important to ensure that SQL Server is able to access data whenever it is required, and a low-latency, high-bandwidth connection to images stored on hardware potentially capable of handling concurrent requests from multiple clones will improve performance.


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