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What happens to my change automation db project if I make changes to a branch other than development

If I release from Dev (where my package is mapped to my dev DB)  to Test and I make changes in my Test database are changes updated in my change automation project package?


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    way0utwestway0utwest Posts: 313 Rose Gold 1
    edited August 10, 2018 2:53PM
    No. You should never make changes in Test that are needed. This defeats the purpose of using a pipeline, and is a source of problems. 

    What you should always do is release change A to your VCS. Then this is either built or reviewed and using an automated, consistent process, release to test. If you find an issue, then reproduce that in dev, or if you can't, try the fix in test and undo it. Then go back to Dev and make the change (Change B), upload and re-release.

    This is one reason your release to test ought to reset your schema to what is production like. If you're using SCA, only the new change from dev (Change B) will be released. Then you can test ,and when you release to downstream environments (Staging, prod, acceptance, etc.), both Change A and Change B will be in the package.

    This is similar to what Microsoft does with SQL Server. If they find a bug, they fix in SQL 2017 branch. However, they have to manually backport this to SQL 2016, which is often taking the changes and adding them to the other environment.
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