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User exclusion from Nuget package


I have filter set up to exclude any user by having to exclude any user, but still DLM when attempting deploy based of NUGET its trying to create user that was there previously. I have checked sys.login even it does not have it. 


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    Where are you excluding users? Is this a filter in SCA/SQL Source Control? Or are you adding the switch to the DLM cmdlets to ignore users and roles?
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    DLMusrDLMusr Posts: 1 New member

    Using in DLM cmdlets -SQLCompareOptions

    I think I got my answers and I don't like the way it does.

    Here is why

    When Initial check in happened it was with production copy. As production got users, same users should  not be created on QA but nugget carried as part of initial check in. I deleted all user still nugget tried to create users as this was part of check in.

    Solution I have done is dropped repo and checked in with initial check with out User then it went fine. 

    Now I am having to question if this nugget is carrying all changes from the inception of repo then I am already seeing 2 MB growth of nugget  for every check-in. Is there a way to contain size or tell NUGET to not carry history along with it.

     I have got 34 check ins initial nugget was 9.3 MB now its standing at 11 MB. if this keeps growing then during deploy process down the lane with l GB in year or two  just to download nugget from artifact will be good amt of time.



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