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Long Running Query - No DB Name, No SP Name, No Actual Query

bandrewsbandrews Posts: 2
edited January 19, 2009 10:22AM in SQL Monitor Previous Versions
Hi we are evaluating several products and had high hopes for SQL Response as one of our main goals is to identify queries and stored procedures that are causing problems. Unfortunately i am having a hard time getting the info we need from SQL Response.

When there is a long running query, we would like as much info as possible to hunt down and fix this issue. I'm not sure how the SQL fragment is supposed to help when there is no DB name (and so far i cannot see the SP name either -- but i have not had very many alerts to analyze).

We would also like to see the data that was sent in the query (like in sql profiler), and i would think that this info would be available if we checked "Enable Collection of Trace Data".

I really hope that I am missing something with the configuration -- because this is a deal breaker for us and would be better off with SQL Profiler and Activity Monitor built in to 2008.

Thanks for any info!


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    dlkjdlkj Posts: 151
    edited April 7, 2010 10:59AM

    Could you send a screen shot of the alert details showing this problem to me

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    Hi bandrews,

    Including the database name is already in our bug track system (SSR-1185) and should be included in a future version.

    The screen shot you sent me included the SPID, the process name as well as the executed fragment of SQL.

    The sql process name my not always be available, but will be returned if possible.

    Enabling the trace feature will show more detail.

    Let me know if you have any further issues.

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