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RR Core Edition - Import and refresh

I am using RR Core edition.  I imported an Azure sql database but

1. the generated script dropped the 'HISTORY_RETENTION_PERIOD = 7 YEAR' of all the tables.

2.  When I edit the generated script to add HISTORY_RETENTION_PERIOD = 7 YEAR back in, I receive a syntax error.

Is anyone else seeing the same issues?  Thanks!


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    CorinneCorinne Posts: 16 New member
    Another note:  RR is aware the database schema has HISTORY_RETENTION_PERIOD = 7 YEAR but it does not generate code with that parameter.  Adding that parameter manually in the migration script results in a syntax error.  Thanks!
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    CorinneCorinne Posts: 16 New member
    I did the same thing with SQL Change automation.  It does a little better, as it captures History_retention_Period = 7 Years for 1 table out of 3 system-versioned tables in my database.
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    CorinneCorinne Posts: 16 New member

    It turned out that our team turned off system versioning on the other 2 tables and turn system versioning back on without the retention period parameter.

    So SQL Change automation capturing 1 retention period parameter for 1 out of 3 system versioned tables is correct since the database itself has only 1 parameter specified.

    Thank you for your time and assistance.

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