Some missed/misbehave functionalities

I have some requests about functionalities that seems to be missing from the GUI, or not working properly:

1. Please allow to create a call graph for a 'JIT overhead' node. There's no button for that in the 'Call tree' tab. In the 'Methods grid' there is a button for that, which does nothing.

2. On the 'Call tree' there is no 'Hide insignificant method' check box. Right now the only way to see such methods is to manually expand each of the collapsed insignificant method group.

3. On the 'Database calls', clicking the 'view this SQL call in the call tree' does not always goes to the right method (note that the 'Simplified very complex stack traces' is set to false).
Also, on many queries it seems like a single execution to a query creates 3 similar call nodes to it. There is no explanation about the differences between them, but if the query used parameters, then one of these nodes will also show the parameters declarations. (Maybe its the .NET API that makes the additional calls, but since the profiler cannot point me to the right method which made this call, it's only a guess.)

4. When a constructor node is selected, the 'Source view' form does not always focus on the constructor, but is focused on one of the class members.

5. In the Find/Filter box on the 'Call tree'/'Method grid', please allow to do some complex find / filter (or at least to do it by more than one word, and with wildcards).



  • Jessica RJessica R Posts: 1,319 Rose Gold 4
    Hi @adp,

    Thanks very much for your suggestions!

    1. I have made a feature request with internal reference PP-4062 for the ability to create a call graph for "JIT Overhead", and noted that we should also make the option consistent in the call tree and methods grid.
    2. I've also created a request for an option to expand/collapse all insignificant methods at once, with reference PP-4059.
    3. I think I may have seen this issue where instead of jumping to the actual SQL, 'view this SQL call in the call tree' may take you to the top of the call stack that calls the SQL - can I just confirm if this is what you're seeing as well? Regarding the duplicates of the SQL queries, my apologies for this! This is actually a known bug  (PP-4020) and the fix is in progress. We'll post here once that's complete.
    4. I couldn't reproduce this with a quick test, so it may be application-specific. Can I just double check that the pdb files were up to date? If so, would you be able to provide a sample of where this is happening for you for us to test with?
    5. I've created a feature request for more complex searching, with reference PP-4061.

    Thanks again for your helpful feedback!

    Jessica Ramos | Product Support Engineer | Redgate Software

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  • adpadp Posts: 3 New member
    Hi Jessica,
    Thanks for your reply!

    3. It might takes me to one of the top methods (not the top most one) in the branch where a call to the SQL was made, but since it focuses a method with many branches underneath it, It was hard locate it myself (due to the fact that I couldn't expand all insignificant methods at once :) )

    4. I have attached an executable to demonstrate it. Just open it, and focus on the constructor of RibbonForm1. On my PC it focuses on this line of code:
    private System.ComponentModel.IContainer components = null;
    which originally sits on the RibbonForm1.designer.cs, while the constructor sits on the RibbonForm1.cs

  • Jessica RJessica R Posts: 1,319 Rose Gold 4

    Thanks @adp! :)

    3. I've found a bug logged for this PP-2742 so I've added the details and will ask our developers to take a look.

    4. I can reproduce this, and I'm wondering if it is specific to using the integrated decompilation. Can I just confirm if you are using the integrated decompilation as well, or if you have the original source file RibbonForm1.cs and are still getting this? If you do have the source file, would you be able to share this? 

    Jessica Ramos | Product Support Engineer | Redgate Software

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  • adpadp Posts: 3 New member
    Hi Jessica,
    The RibbonForm1.cs is an original source file, not a decompiled one.

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