Post-Restore Script Processing?

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We're looking at possibly using SQL Backup for our company.  We have many backup/restore procedures that require taking Production data and moving it down to non-PROD environment (UAT, DEV, etc.).  As such, after a restore is completed we need to run SQL scripts to "tweak" data.  Is there any option in SQL Backup to accommodate this?  Thanks.


  • Hi @swallman,

    There are certainly ways of achieving this. If you're performing a scheduled restore then there will be a SQL Server Agent job for the restore - if you add some extra steps to it with your custom scripts then they will be executed immediately afterwards.

    If you're performing on-demand restores, then it needs slightly more thought. One option could be to use SQL Backup's extended stored procedure and create a SQL script that both performs the backup and tweaks the data afterwards. This could be a stored procedure somewhere on the server, or stored locally and run via sqlcmd for instance.

    We have a page on scripting SQL Backup that may be of interest -

    I hope this helps.
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