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SQL Search 2.4 keeps disappearing from SMS 2008 R2

robparobpa Posts: 1 New member
I have uninstalled and re-installed SQL Search 2.4 multiple times, which is the only way to get it to show up on the menu bar.  It will show up for about a day, and then disappear.  The only way to get it back is to uninstall and re-install SQL Search.  I have tried doing a repair of the SMSS Integration Pack Framework, and that doesn't help.  I can't install the latest version of SQL Search, because customer needs to stay on SQL MS 2008R2. 



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    SQL Search uses automatic updates; it sounds like version 2.4 is updating straight to version 3.1 which doesn't support SSMS 2008.

    Could you try installing version 3.0.7, which disables automatic updates whenever old versions of SSMS are detected?  You can find it at https://www.red-gate.com/products/old-versions
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    sqlgardensqlgarden Posts: 4 New member
    edited August 29, 2018 9:19PM
    UPDATE: Never mind - it was hiding behind another toolbar in SSMS. It didn't show up in any of the arrow dropdowns, but I moved one of the bars, and it was underneath. My issue is resolved.

    Original message:

    I have SSMS v 17.8.1 installed, and my SQL Search disappeared yesterday. Today I uninstalled and reinstalled, and it's not showing back up. Is it possible this issue isn't just affecting old versions of SSMS?

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