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Email is encountering error: SMTP ERROR: Login???-Other undefined Status

I am trying to setup email alerting in version 9.2.5. I am having to pass credentials to an AWS email server. After entering credentials and testing w/ SSL selected I keep receiving a pop-up error stating: " SMTP ERROR: Login???-Other undefined Status". Can you give guidance on getting email working? 


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    Hi Swedishiron,

    We can't help with the SMTP setup specifically. We aren't doing anything outside of the norm however so I would advise a couple of things.

    Firstly, ensuring that you can send an email via the command line on the server where the SQL Backup GUI is installed.

    I would also in this instance reach out to the support staff at AWS to understand what the message means in their terms as this is the error returned to us from the SMTP conversation. 
    Kind regards,
    Dan Bainbridge
    Product Support Engineer | Redgate Software
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