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Dat Compare profiling

We are currently using data compare to copy data from a server in our local network to Azure. The copy is currently taking a really long time (about 2 hours). We'd like to make some changes to speed this up, but are unsure what exactly it is that is causing the problem. Is there a way to profile data compare? For instance to get the time it takes to copy each table?


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    If it's the deployment that takes a long time, the easiest option is probably to open the deployment script in SSMS and run parts of it so you can see what's going on.  If the initial population of data in the UI is taking a long time, take a look at the "Tables & Views" tab in the Edit Project dialog.  You can deselect the tables you aren't interested in, which should speed up the comparison.
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    PaulRESPaulRES Posts: 2 New member
    But there's no way for the software itself to tell me how long each part is taking? I have to manually split it up and time it myself?
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