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Removal of ExcludeObjectsFromImport property

I am getting the following warning when building our SQL Change Automation project;

"The ExcludeObjectsFromImport project property for filtering objects within the SQL Change Automation tool-window is deprecated. For information on moving to SQL Compare filters see: https://www.red-gate.com/sca/dev/filters"

So I am a bit concerned as to why this has been deprecated, we have used this param to stop the import of objects that, we know we need to be different on different environments. (e.g. users, roles etc). In order for us to not have to sift 100s of changes to find the one we want.

Okay, I understand there is a different SQL tool for this, but it has to be paid for? What's with that? We have to pay for a new product to continue using a feature that was in ReadyRoll for a good couple of years!? 

Is this going to become obsolete and not work in future versions of SQL Change? If so is that not a bit scammy?



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    Whilst this is deprecated, there are currently no plans to remove this functionality from SQL Change Automation.
    If you do wish to migrate to SQL Compare Filters, the filter file can be manually created with going through the SQL Compare UI, so no purchase is needed. An example filter file Filter.scpf can be found in the documentation. The example excludes a table called MyTable with the following block:
    <Table version="1">
     <Expression>((@NAME = 'MyTable'))</Expression>
    The Expression here can be changed to any valid syntax for a WHERE clause in SQL in order to configure what is included or excluded.
    Adam Bowden,
    Software Engineer, RedGate Software
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    TimKTimK Posts: 1 New member
    Could I get some clarification on SCA Core vs the upgrade? When the documentation says Core doesn't support Customize schema and data comparison options/Customize schema comparison filters - does that just mean there is no UI support?  Can I still drop a hand-rolled scpf file into the project and have it be used? Or will Core ignore such files?

    Thanks for your answer
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