Feature Request Website: Search and Popular Tags of Product Level.

HenrikSHenrikS Posts: 8 New member
If i have a "problem" with SQL Server Data Compare and i hit Search, i only want to search in this forum not the whole website.
The same is for "popular Tags". i want the popular tags for this product not for sql prompt or something else.

I had a specific question and i wanted to show if this was answered in the product forum, because i don't have the time to search in over 100 pages.+


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    RichardLRichardL Posts: 417 Gold 4
    Hi @HenrikS

    Thanks for your post. 

    Yes you can do this. Please visit the link below and then hit the drop down style arrow to the right of the field and you'll be given a list of options by which to search. You can also choose the product/folder that you'll search in. 


    I hope this helps. 

    Kind regards

    Richard Lynch. 
    Customer Support
    Redgate Software
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