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Technical questions

Hello guys, how are you today? 
So, I was testing the SQL Data Masker and some technical questions came up. Please see them:

1) Is it possible to pass parameters between rules/steps? I mean, lets say that I have substituted 5000 registers, I wanna make sure that I want to update another column in the same table (like a timestamp) for the same 5000 registers. Is there any way to pass "ids" or something like that between rules/steps?

2) The same question as the first one but related to Databases. So I have 5000 registers (i.e ids) from a table in database A, and I want to substitute data into database B but with the same ids. Is this possible?

3) Is it possible to create a SQL SELECT query, get a few columns and then pass them all as parameters to substitution rule? 

Basically, I want to use SQL Data Masker as provider of data to substitute data that were selected from other different places (.NET application, SQL Procedures, etc) and I want to have this selected data throughout different steps, databases and tables.

Thank you guys.  


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