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How to set DriftOptionBlockDataLoss to false in VSTS release plugin

I'm running the latest SQL change automation vsts plugin. I added a new migration script doing the following

ALTER my_table ADD [description] varchar(max) NULL

When the release is been deployed i got the following error

System.Management.Automation.CmdletInvocationException: An unhandled error occurred: RedGate.Versioning.Engine.Api.Exceptions.FileException: Drift analysis: These changes will NOT be applied because DriftOptionBlockDataLoss=True (see 'C:\WINDOWS\TEMP\DLM Automation\5dyfpy0w.ary\artifacts\SQL.Database.Migration_Database_DriftSyncScript.sql' for details). Changes have been detected that could result in data loss for the following table object(s): [dbo].[my_table].

I know how to disable the DriftOptionBlockDataLoss using the MSBuild way but not in the vsts release plugin. 

Also a question here, why adding a null column will raise the data loss error? I'm just adding a null column

Please advice


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