PowerShell Core

Do you support PowerShell Core, even if only on Windows?

We're running our CI/CD through containers with NanoServer. Using Windows PowerShell is far from ideal because it requires a huge ServerCore container images and is very slow to startup/run.



  • Hi,

    Sadly we do not currently support running SQL Change Automation on PowerShell Core.
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  • BobCBobC Posts: 5 New member
    Okay, that's a shame. Any plans to change that given Windows Powershell is now in maintenance mode? Is it a big job?
  • We have a number of internal libraries (e.g. The versioning engine and the SQL Compare engine.) that we would have to move first. These are fairly large and would take quite a lot of effort to move. Its something we are interested in doing but is not part of our immediate road map.
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    Redgate Software
  • jbarronjbarron Posts: 2 New member
    This would be a nice feature for us too.  We use the VSTS agent in a container and we currently have to run ReadyRoll/SQL Change Automation as a separate agent phase in our releases on an old Windows-based build server.  This limitation is the only reason we are keeping this server around.
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