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Deployment Options Not Saving

According to Docs > Deploying the data sources > Setting up the deployment

"Object selections are remembered when you save a project."

If I save, close the *project* (via Ctrl + F4) and re-open, those settings are persisted

But if I close Data Compare entirely (Alt + F4) and re-open the project, the deployment settings are lost.

And if I compare the the plain text contents of the .sdc file with and without including deployment options, I don't see any changes in the saved file when any deployment options are selected, so the save certainly isn't occuring there.

Is this the expected behavior?  

Is there anyway to include them?





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    mjb001mjb001 Posts: 2 New member
    More than 3 years (and I guess several versions) later I see the same problem/behaviour. Couldn't find a reaction from support. So is this as designed or?
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    mjb001mjb001 Posts: 2 New member
    Found a solution: File -> Edit project -> Tables & views. When changing the selection in this screen en pressing Save the project gets saved with correct selection.
    Both 'save' options are about saving the project or am I wrong?

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