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Feature requests?

kmierkmier Posts: 1 New member
I have a few feature requests that I'd like to submit...
  • SQL Prompt - the option to enable/disable a warning prompt using a comment
    » Sometimes a stored procedures I'm working on will contain code that triggers a warning message and I don't want to disable that warning message globally but in this particular case I'm aware of it and don't want to be prompted every time I execute an update on that procedure
    » this would look something like "--rg_sql_prompt disable truncate"*  
    » This could be paired with option inside the warning box to ignore all instances of the warning in the file which would  prepend the comment "--rg_sql_prompt disable truncate"* to the begining of the the code as well as an option to disable a single instance of the warning which would insert "--rg_sql_prompt disable truncate"* the line before  the offending code and "--rg_sql_prompt enable truncate"* the line after the offending code

    * this syntax is just a place holder any syntax you prefer will work just fine

  • SQL Prompt - the option to differentiate between how lists wrapped in parentheses and lists not wrapped in parentheses are formatted 
    » I like my "select" statements to have there columns begin on the select line and always place subsequent columns on a new line however I prefer my "where in ()" statements to always start on a new line

  • SQL Prompt - The option to either ignore or sort to the bottom all suggestions of a particular column name in intellisense & join conditions and when a list of all columns are automatically listed out  (for example when  a "select *" is expanded or when a table is added following an insert statement and the columns are listed) the columns set to be ignored would either be left off or be commented out.
    » We use the column "msrepl_tran_version" on a number of tables for  replication purposes and I don't want anything to do with these columns however we need them and they show up in SQL Prompt suggestions all the time 

  • SQL Prompt - A warning when you are about to execute an auto-generated alter statement on an object when updates to that object have been made either by that user in a separate tab or by a different window
    » Sometimes I don't realize that I have multiple update tabs for the same object open and I make additional updates to an out of date version which inadvertently wipes out some changes I've made

  • SQL Prompt - When the error "There is already an object named ... in the database"  would be returned by a create statement a prompt that allows the user to specify how the script should be procedural changed in order to not receive that error
    » These options would be automatically rename the object you are attempting to save (using some generic copy naming convention), switch to another database with a combo box to type the desired database, change statement to be an alter instead of a create, or do nothing and let the user deal with it.

  • SQL Search - Replace the filter in the object explorer with something better
    » The filtering in the object explorer is clunky; it would be nice if there was a text box or something to quickly apply/remove filters on the object explorer using the functionality in SQL search

  • Unknown - A way to streamline the object explorer 
    » The object explorer would be a lot more useful if databases that the user doesn't have permission to access where able to be automatically hidden. This could be configured to either hide non-accessible database, place them in a sub folder, gray them out, sort them to the bottom, display them normally.
    » Hide particular databases, objects, or folders would also clean up a lot of the clutter
    » Save a custom sort order to objects in the object explorer
    » When the user executes code that creates/updates/deletes the definition of an object update the parent object in the explorer automatically so that those changes are updated automatically
Is this the correct place to submit these feature requests? Should I submit them somewhere else?


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