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CPU bottleneck exceeds 70 percentage considered as slowness


I executed the below command in my CMD (SQL Server), to find my CPU pressure,then i got spikes of 70%.

I need to know on what percentage and above should be considered as CPU bottleneck?

"Processor: % Processor Time (_Total)"


  • cfendrickcfendrick Posts: 15 Bronze 2
    Processor(_Total)\% Processor Time

    Percent Processor Time tells us how busy the SQL server's CPUs are. It's a basic indicator to help us know that a SQL server is running well within acceptable operating parameters. Normally I'd expect to see this counter in the 20 to 50 percent range. When it jumps above 65-75% then I would start investigating.  When it gets above 80% then I would get very nervous if you have been proactive and query tuning over the past weeks or months as that means that activity that require the processor are probably waiting for resources.

    It could be something as simple as out dated stats or one or more bad queries to simply large growth.  The use of a SQL monitoring tool will help speed up this process so you are in the right place.

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