Trial of SQL Test not working

ajw1970ajw1970 Posts: 2 New member
I have SSMS 17.7 and VS 2017.2 (15.7.4)

I use SQL Prompt 9 which is working SSMS and I'm now trying to get SQL Search and SQL Test (Trial) installed. Windows 10 Pro says they are installed but they don't show up under the Redgate folder in my start menu and they don't show up under Tools in SSMS. 

I can uninstall them from the Windows add/remove programs. 

Any ideas?

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    Rob CRob C Posts: 419 Gold 2
    Is your Redgate toolbar collapsed? If that's the case it might look something like the following.

    If you click on the down arrow you'll be able to see the toolbar buttons but I prefer to drag the toolbar to somewhere that it can be fully expanded.
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    ajw1970ajw1970 Posts: 2 New member
    Yeah, I do see those now. The documentation was telling me to look in my windows start menu or in the Tools menu under SSMS. Thank you.
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