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Stop Reindex

vbogolvbogol Posts: 2 Bronze 1
Sometimes when server is changed it automatically starts Reindex for all databases. Even if one database was selected later, it continue re-indexing and it could be very long. Is it possible to add Stop Reindex button to stop the process?


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    We rewrote a lot of the indexing code last year; it was released in November (version 3.0.4).  Did you notice SQL Search get any better or worse since then?

    The main complication with a "stop" button is that you'd end up with a half-populated index, which means your searches would return incomplete results.  I guess we could keep the old index hanging around until the new index has been completely built, but this would increase disk/memory usage and might confuse users by returning outdated results while the rebuild is in progress.  We'll investigate further, but it may well turn out to be impractical.
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    Fernando_NineFernando_Nine Posts: 1 New member
    edited July 18, 2018 8:19AM
    But if we choose to stop the search, it means that we want to search something else or we don't need the complete result anymore. What happens now it that we get stuck on it.
    I was trying to convince people in the office to use it, but when this issue happened for the very first time, they gave up... nobody wants to start a search (maybe by mistake) and don't be able to stop it.
    We have millions of rows in our database and it takes forever.

    So I really wish we could have a 'stop' button 
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    vbogolvbogol Posts: 2 Bronze 1
    Hi sam.blackburn,
    At first, it could be flagged which DB was indexed. Secondly, if server was changed in drop down during indexing, results are not completed anyway. Believe me, it becomes very long and annoying, when SQL Search indexing long list of databases, that I do not need, especially when I need to get quick search some small DB. And I absolutely support Fernando_Nine

    Sorry, I did not notice any performance improvement in newest version.

    Thank you.
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