Ants Memory Profiler 10 released

Ants Memory Profiler 10 has been released. You can find this on Check for Updates or directly here:

Please note this is a major upgrade, so you will need to have a valid support & upgrades package. Contact [email protected] to convert any existing licence keys to version 10 keys.

Major features

  • .NET Core 2.0 support.
  • High DPI support.

.NET Core features

  • When the path to the .NET Core assembly is entered, the working directory path now updates.
  • Improved GUI around .NET Core application's URL field.
  • Added an ability to enter environment variables for profiled application.
  • Incoming HTTP requests support for .NET Core.
  • Allow profiling of .NET Core project files (.csproj, .vbproj, .fsproj).


  • MP-2400: It is now possible to configure how many objects are to show the instance list (and to disable limit altogether).
  • Microsoft Edge is now shown on browser list for web application profiling.
  • Process name is now visible on title bar when attaching (.NET 4+ processes).
  • On IIS app list only managed applications are shown.
  • Visual Studio Add-in: Ask to build out-of-date projects before profiling.


  • Fixed deadlock when profiling applications in sampling mode.
  • Using "Profile performance" from the ANTS Add-In no longer fails when the output assembly is an .exe.
  • PP-3986: Added ability to provide command line arguments when profiling .NET Core applications.
  • PP-3989: Fixed issues with profiling .NET Core.
  • PP-4009: Installation no longer fails when Visual C++ 2017 Redistributable is installed.
  • PP-4022: Prevent AMP from keeping lock on profiled .exe.
  • Visual Studio Add-in: Using "Profile performance" from the ANTS Add-In no longer fails when the output assembly of .NET Core project is an .exe.
  • Visual Studio Add-in: Extension is now visible on Marketplace inside Visual Studio.
  • Visual Studio Add-in: "About" window no longer crashes.
  • MP-1814: Icons not displaying at high dpi resolutions
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