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alert actions/responses?

timothytimothy Posts: 5 New member

this is something we've asked about for a few years now.  will redgate sql monitor ever get alert response/actions like other monitoring softwares such as sentryone, solarwinds and spotlight?  example, a drive is running dangerously low on space, alert goes out at 2AM, depending on the system, it may be a candidate for an automatic log shrink.  another example is say a certain login is running more than 20 queries at a time, a custom alert to disable the login and notify support.  

these are specific use cases, but with as much as other redgate products are about automating workflows, wouldn't this be an area DBAs could use as well?

as we are heavily investing in more RedGate products, missing this feature is a bummer since it has ended up pushing towards other products for the monitoring piece.


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