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TinaTina Posts: 2 New member
I'm brand new to SQL Prompt but I thought it would show my table listing when I do a simple SELECT * FROM.  All I get are functions and snippets.  Tables, views and columns are greyed out in the All Suggestions drop down.  Do I have a setting that I need to change somewhere?  Thanks!


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    Hi @Tina ,

    Prompt should suggest the tables from your DB. It will only suggest tables when you've got the connection to the certain database in a script. On first connection in the script, you should notice a little box on the right bottom of loading database.

    If it's not working, can you send us Prompt version, SSMS version and what DB are trying to connect?

    Best regards,
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    TinaTina Posts: 2 New member
    My administrator has reinstalled SSMS and SQL Prompt and it is now working as expected. 
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