1.Is there any way to take Snapshots in Data Compare for Oracle?

-->If there is way  if it can holds the data present in tables and further used to compare with other schema when  modifications are done.
2.How to enable deployment wizard Option in Data Compare For Oracle.
3.On what basis Comparison Keys are set to tables that uniquely identifies Rows


  • I would like a snapshot feature as well. As a workaround, I use Schema Compare to create an empty copy of the schema that contains the data. Then I generate deployment scripts and save them to a folder. This is not ideal. There doesn't seem to be a way to generate the scripts when the target is an empty scripts folder.
  • @Kevin_Woolfe - Just to confirm - are you hoping to generate INSERTs using Data Compare for Oracle by comparing your selected tables with a completely empty database? (empty of schema objects)

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  • @David Atkinson SQL Data Compare for Oracle has an option to compare a database against an empty scripts folder. The help text on the compare dialog reads: "This folder is empty. You can populate it with scripts by running the comparison, then deploying." This is what I would like to do: deploy INSERT scripts to an empty database.

    I've selected the tables that I want to export (mostly static lookup tables in our case). However, when I run the comparison, I get "## tables that could not be compared".

    Schema Compare for Oracle allows me to export to an empty scripts folder, and it appears that Data Compare should allow this operation but it does not work for me.

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    I see. Yes, this is a bug. I will open an issue for this (reference:ODC-393). What we should do here is recognize that the empty folder isn't a valid scripts folder (ie, with the schema objects) and offer to create one for you on the spot.

    In the meantime please use Schema Compare (the GUI or the command line) to create the valid scripts folder from your database. Thanks for bringing this to our attention.

    Another option is to use the command line, using the /comparison:includeSourceTables switch, as this will force the target to be regarded as the same schema state as the source.

    "c:\Program Files\Red Gate\Data Compare for Oracle 5"\dco /source:HR/[email protected]{HR} /target:empty\{HR} /scriptfile:script.sql /comparison:includeSourceTables
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