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We have a small team of four or five database developers MSSQL.

There are a dozen clients each with 3-4 databases.
For an example of one of the clients, the largest sizes of databases filled with data:
1. 4 terabytes,
2. 2.5 terabytes,
3. 100 gigabytes
4. 8 gigabytes.

At now the development looks like this.
The developer connects through the remote desktop to the server on which these databases are located and immediately makes some changes to the tables, procedures, and there it debugs.
Here confuses a few points:
1. According to the rules, the development base, the test base and the production base can not be the same.
2. Conflicts of the code are not resolved, in case of their occurrence. For this reason, only one developer can work at a time with a particular database.
and many other problems.

Now I would like to understand whether it is possible to apply your Source Control product for distributed development and bundle with BitBasket, how will it look and what does it need?

In the future, I would like to once again come to the scheme Continios Integration

I would be grateful for the recommendations and tips in this direction.
Perhaps there are some best practices, recommendations or step-by-step instructions (webinars?)

Regards, Ivan


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    I am not sure I understand your scenario properly to give you an informed answer. If you need to insert more details I recommend you contact support via email for more guidance so we can better assist you.

    Are the databases different for each customer or they share the same schema?

    If you are looking into adoptioning continuous integration, have a look at SQL Change Automation and our documentation in the Add-Ons section. We have a tutorial that explains how to set up a build/release pipeline using the most common tools like VSTS, TeamCity, Octopus and so on. You can easily add build/release support to your SQL Source Control projects using SQL Change Automation Add-Ons or PowerShell.

    If you deal with big databases and you need to copy them for local development (rather than making changes directly in production) SQL Clone might help with that

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