Executing an SQL file on a remote database using DLM Automation in TeamCity

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I have an .sql file (Update.sql) and I want to execute this on a database on a remote server using SQL server authentication. I want to achieve this using Teamcity.

$dbRelease = "C:\Users\vchenna\Desktop\SQLReleaseUpdates\Update.sql"
$production = New-DlmDatabaseConnection -ServerInstance "192.xx.xx.xx" -Database "MyDB" -Username "UserId" -Password "[email protected]"
Use-DlmDatabaseRelease $dbRelease -DeployTo $production

But I am getting the below error:

[22:28:31][Step 2/2] New-DlmDatabaseConnection, DLM Automation, Copyright c Red Gate Software Ltd 2014-2017
[22:28:32][Step 2/2] Use-DlmDatabaseRelease : Cannot bind parameter 'InputObject'. Cannot convert
[22:28:32][Step 2/2] the "C:\Users\vchenna\Desktop\SQLReleaseUpdates\Update.sql" value of type
[22:28:32][Step 2/2] "System.String" to type "RedGate.DLMAutomation.Compare.Domain.DatabaseRelease".
[22:28:32][Step 2/2] At C:\TeamCity\buildAgent\temp\buildTmp\powershell1376217184470596571.ps1:3
[22:28:32][Step 2/2] char:28
[22:28:32][Step 2/2] + Use-DlmDatabaseRelease $dbRelease -DeployTo $production
[22:28:32][Step 2/2] + ~~~~~~~~~~
[22:28:32][Step 2/2] + CategoryInfo : InvalidArgument: (:) [Use-DlmDatabaseRelease], P
[22:28:32][Step 2/2] arameterBindingException
[22:28:32][Step 2/2] + FullyQualifiedErrorId : CannotConvertArgumentNoMessage,RedGate.DLMAutoma
[22:28:32][Step 2/2] tion.PowerShell.Commands.UseDlmDatabaseReleaseCommand

Is this the right approach I am following or are there any other ways to achieve this?

If anyone had issues like this I would appreciate any advice. Thanks.


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