Getting started with a mix of data types

I will start with an apology, as I'm sure the answer to this must exist, but I just cant find it.

We are mid way through our development of a product, I have capture the database state to TFS (Schema / Users ..) and the static data. We also have some data that isn't static but is required for an initial start, lets call it the seed data.

Do I use something like SQL Data Compare to capture this data? and when I do how do I add it to source so that it gets deployed on the first deploy, but not the subsequent deploys? Maybe I don't add it to source, as its just a run once?

Once I have this sorted, we have a second stream of working that is doing data migration which has all the data to load stored in PSVs, which before SQL Source I was using a bulk insert script to load into the databases. Do I need to bring this step into SQL Source or does this always stay as an external step?

I'm using TeamCity for builds and Octopus for deploys.

Can you point me to a resource that would help me resolve the above please ?


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    @JayVEE, If you are doing this in an automated fashion, like your post suggests (TC/OD) I would then assume you would use DLM Automation plugins to capture the changes and build the deployments that would get promoted to your upstream environments. I believe that is the piece you are missing, if I am understanding your question correctly.  If not, please expand on your question.  Thanks!
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