Timeout using command line

dougadouga Posts: 2
We are using the Sql Data Compare command line utility to run some profiles and then sychronyze them.

We have one profile that keeps timing out when using the command line utility (via a scheduler) but does't when using the Data Compare GUI.

I don't think it's the scheduler that's timing out since the data compare is actually writing that fact that it's timing out to the log file.

Anyone have any thoughts?


  • Thanks for your post.

    I would have thought that the connection timeout would be the same through the command line as it is through the GUI, but you may want to try manually adding a timeout value to the command.

    You can do this by adding the connection timeout parameter. e.g.
    /server1:"<server>\<instance>;Connection timeout = 300"

    If this doesn't help. Can you post the error message?
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