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DLM Build error

I'm getting the following error during our build process: 'Cannot ALTER because it is being referenced by object'

I've looked at previous post regarding this and some indicate this has been fixed. We are using DLM Automation the error is on a function that is referenced in a column constraint. We've tried the following options with no luck. SQLCompareOptions: ims,ich,-IncludeDependencies,DropAndCreateInsteadofAlter


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    RichardLRichardL Posts: 417 Gold 4
    Hi @DavidWNAZ

    Thanks for your post. 

    This looks like something a support engineer could look in to for you so if you have a support contract then please send us a ticket if you don't get a reply from the community. 

    Kind regards

    Richard Lynch. 
    Customer Support
    Redgate Software
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