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Build Server set up

AntAnt Posts: 17 Bronze 1

We're setting up a build server using TeamCity and we need to use the Redgate toolset as part of that. 

Do we need to have a separate license for the Team City server, or can we use one of our many SQL Toolbelt licences and install DLM Automation to get this working (i.e no new license)?



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    David AtkinsonDavid Atkinson Posts: 1,451 Rose Gold 2
    You don't need a separate Toolbelt license for the build server. Redgate licensing requires all users contributing changes to the VCS repo that is part of the automated pipeline to have a SQL Toolbelt license. So long as this is the case, you're good to go.
    David Atkinson
    Product Manager
    Redgate Software


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